Corporate and Special Events Catering Menu

St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Hall | Sala Montecassino

Corporate and Special Events Catering Menu


St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Hall, also proudly known by its formal name of

Sala Montecassino; invites you to indulge in our offerings of tasty dishes and snacks that will delight your guests.  We prepare all our cooked entrees on premises and take great pride in the quality of our food, service and surroundings.


Your Menu Order and Process:

We are happy to work closely with you to develop a custom menu that best suits your catering needs and budget.

A catering contract shall be signed upon ordering with a 30% non-refundable deposit of the total balance upon signing of the contract. The remaining balance shall be paid one week prior to the scheduled event. Payments are to be made at the parish office in cash, check or credit card.  All prices are based on one entrée per group. There is no charge for multiple entrees, but the second or lesser priced entrée must be no less than 40% of the total count of entrees combined.

Two weeks before your event, arrangements will be reviewed and the menu will be finalized to your satisfaction. Final count will be given and a guarantee will be made on your part for the number of guests expected to attend your event.  The remaining balance shall be paid one week prior to the scheduled event and at this time you may decrease your total guest count, but it cannot decrease by more than 10% of your total guest count.  You may add guests up to 48 hours prior to your event. If fewer guests attend, there will be no refunds issued. Any additional guests, amenities and/or adjustments shall be paid at the conclusion of your event.  We will do our best to accommodate last minute orders.

All food and beverages will be provided by St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Hall. (B.Y.O.B.- hard liquor is allowed only). Food purchased from the hall will not be allowed to leave the  premises due to insurance liability with no exceptions.


St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Hall must approve all decorations prior to your event. There is no confetti, gel balls or candles allowed.  Tape or tacks not allowed on walls and must check with hall management first if going to be applied on any other surface.  It is required that all decorations be removed at the conclusion of your event.  The hall is not responsible for items left overnight.


Any billing disputes over final additional guests and/or amenities must be resolved at the time of your event.  Once the event has been paid for, there will be no refunds.


Description and level of service:

All prepared food will be served on high quality disposable ware and clear plastic utensils as part of our service. Our service includes buffet style configuration served by our parish hall staff on a high quality clear 9.5” plastic plate, paper napkin and clear plastic cup.



Cancellation requires one week of notice prior to the starting time of the scheduled event and if not done so will result in 100% charge of the full price of the ordered menu items.


Sala Montecassino Capacity:   300 guests seating with dance floor area (party)

                                                      360 guests seating banquet style no dance floor





St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Hall

Sala Montecassino


In addition to our above A La Carte Menu; Sala Montecassino is proud to offer complete Packages that are designed to fit most budgets.  These packages ideally become a turn-key option and means of letting us do all the work for you and are loaded with all the amenities that will satisfy your desires and vision of hosting an upscale event that is sure to be remembered.  For more information on these complete packages, contact Mr. Jesus Paz, Parish Hall Director.


Continental Breakfast

Assortment of baked goods: Cheese and fruit Danish, blueberry  muffins, mini cinnamon rolls and loaf cakes. Freshly brewed coffee and chilled juices. Delicious seasonal fruit. $12.95


French toast strips with fresh-diced fruit and slices of bacon. Fresh coffee and chilled juices.  $12.95


Choice of scrambled eggs: pick 2 – plain, Mexican style or with chorizo – includes refried beans, hash browns and flour tortillas. Fresh coffee and chilled juices. $12.95


Add – Sausage patties  $1.50 each

            Bacon strips (2) $1.50


Breakout Packages

Sweet Madness: Assorted Candy bars, M&Ms, Snickers, Payday, Butterfinger, Kit Kat, Baby Ruth, Reeses

Fresh Baked Cookies, Sodas and Bottled Water $10.95


Sports Delight:  Apples, Bananas, Assorted Trail Mix,  Chilled Juices, Bottled Water  $10.95


Tropical Breeze:  Grapes, Seasonal Fruit, Cubed Domestic Cheeses,

Assorted Crackers, Chilled Juices and Bottled Water  $10.95


Uptown Mixer

Pretzel Sticks, Kettle Corn (popcorn),  add one of above packages from Breakout.  $11.95


Lunch/Dinner Entrée

Executive Session:  

Grilled USDA Choice Angus 8oz Ribeye Steak, Oven baked seasoned-butter basted red potaotoes or green beans, garden salad, roll  $22.00


Chefs Specialty:

Chicken Alfredo-Tender moist Chicken Breast in Alfredo Sauce over a bed of Fettuccini Pasta or side of Rice Pilaf, romaine/iceberg salad, garlic bread  $22.00


St. Thomas Brisket Plate:

Twenty-Four Hour Marinaded Sliced Brisket, Homemade Charro Beans, Specially Seasoned Spanish Rice, garden salad, roll  $18.00


Italian Gulf Catch:

Grilled Seasoned Shrimp over Angel Hair Pasta, topped with Marinara Sauce or Alfredo Sauce, romaine/iceberg salad, garlic bread  $22.00

In Between Menu

Deli Temptation:

Cold Sandwich on a Freshly Baked French Bread with Smoked Turkey, Premium Ham Slices and White Cheese, Assorted Bags of Chips, Dill Pickle slices, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Chilled Juices and Bottled water  $11.95


Munchie Brunch:

Oven Baked Buffalo Wings (6 mild), carrots/celery, ranch dressing, Soda and Bottled Water $11.95


A La Carte items:  Other side items listed as Add-ons are available upon request for an additional charge.


+ Unlimited sodas for duration of room use @ $2.00pp (includes cups & ice, for b.y.o.b. guests – no pitchers or ice buckets)


Keg of domestic beer @ $195.00  (bud, bud light, ultra)  


Minimum of 30 people to place order.  A room fee of $695

(up to 4 hrs use) will be added to the balance.

(additional room usage @ $200/hour)


Equipment Amenities:

Projector and screen:   $100                                       (extra @$25/hr)

Wireless Mic (handheld):  $50                           (extra @$10/hr)

PA System:  $150 (2 monitors & 1 wired mic)    (extra @$25/hr)

Audio/Video playback: $50                      (players: cd, dvd, cassette)

DJ/Disco System:   $350 (4hrs)     (additional hrs @$50/hr)

Up Lighting (LED):  $35/unit           (extra @$10/hr)

Podium:  $40  flat rate

(all rates for equipment based on 4 hours usage  -  must provide own laptop)



Contact information:


Jesus Paz, Parish Hall Director

(915) 799-3662 cell

(915) 592-1313 office






Chile con Queso/Tortilla Chips (gal.)……..  $80.00


Homemade Salsa/Tortilla Chips (gal.)……….   $60.00   


Assorted Nuts…….   $2.50pp (4oz serving)


Roast Beef……. $3.25/slice


Taquitos ………. $.75 each


Coffee 20 cups @ 8oz... $15.00 (cups, sugar, equal, splenda, creamer)


Flavored creamers: Hazelnut & French vanilla …… 50 for $20.00


Perrier Sparkling Water ……. $2.50 bottle


Sparkling Ice Flavored Waters ……..   $2.50 bottle

(Blk Rasp, Lemon-Lime, Orange Mango)

Lipton Green Tea w/citrus ……. $1.75 bottle


Premium Juices:  V8 Fusion & Reg V8 …… $1.75 bottle

                    (Fusion-Pomgran, Blueberry, Straw.Ban.)


NY Style Cheese Cake  ……. $3.95/slice



All Prices quoted based on up to 150 guests.   No Tax or Service Fees